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Blog article added 02/12/2019
I am passionate about counselling children and adolescents. Reading this article click here about the NHS turning youngsters away, because they are not considered to have a severe enough mental health condition, saddens me. The young in society, I feel, deserve better. Childrens' brains are malleable, working with them earlier will make all the difference. I question why we need to wait for conditions to become severe before we treat? I believe in prevention. I don't want children, adolescents or adults to lose out on mental health care, leaving them sad or depressed, but this is an all too familiar story.

Blog article added 02/12/2019
Interesting and informative article on reasons to give talking therapy a go click here.

'Therapy can be good. It can be therapeutic.' - Alex Rodriguez

'You mainly feel the way you think.' - Albert Ellis

'I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.' - Carl Jung

Article added 11/12/2019
click here, Unfortunately the NHS is flooded with referrals and the waiting lists are long to the get 6 sessions of counselling or CBT. Inquire about private therapy, choose your therapist, location and get seen quickly.

Article added 11/12/2019
click here and @6, Loose Women talking about their experiences of individual and couples counselling.

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